What Are You Reading These Days?

My first discussion thread! I’ll be responding in real time to your comments throughout the day.

Bol Coop inside Creative Grounds, in Washington, D.C.

These days, my mind has been fully taken up with that most odious of hurdles that every lawyer has to leap past: taking the bar exam. It’s coming up in less than two weeks (!), and it has challenged me in ways I never expected. For about 12 hours each day, I sit down and do nothing but read, read, read—something that would delight me otherwise, except all these books seem to want to tell me about is mortgages and security interests and the dormant commerce clause of the Constitution. Also, arson!

I’m looking forward to being done, traveling, and sitting outside somewhere just reading books that make me feel free. I love generally all nonfiction, from essay collections (TRICK MIRROR by Jia Tolentino and THICK by Tressie McMillan Cottom) to the academic (WE REFUSE TO FORGET by Caleb Gayle, who is fantastic). But I’ve been known to enjoy short story collections, too (currently reading AYITI by Roxane Gay). And I’m shamelessly promiscuous—two or three books at once is not uncommon for me. Dislikes: beach reads.

So, help me build my post-bar exam reading list!

What is your most favorite recent read—whether you’ve finished it or not—and why?

(If any lawyers have advice on how to get through the last of bar prep, I’ll gladly take it in the comments. 🥲)